16.666% Front & Rear D+ NOGs Panels
Dscf0377.jpg (93424 bytes)
These are the first pilot's and weapons officer's instrument panel templates I created for this project. Top photo is pilot's panel of the NOS D+.  Right side of pilot's panel is a push-on-push-off illuminated switch array. Stacked LED's wired to flash randomly were to form switches on final panel. ABS hood is being replaced with more stable Styrene. Initial hoods suffered from high temp warping. There are four video displays for FLIR, normal radar, and target acquisition. The bottom panel is the weapons officer's panel as it originally appeared.
Dscf0378.jpg (84324 bytes)
Paper templates are replaced with tiered Styrene sheet, extruded knurled rod, triangle stock & LEDs to form each terraced 3D panel section. These early layouts evolved into a vacuum formed cockpit tub which will be shown later. I now have layout for 15395 as it was when it went to Nam and that is what is being recreated.