The purpose of this digital photo shoot was to establish the differences between the CASA 2111 and the He-111H6
illustrated above. CASA 2111's were manufactured in Spain under license from Heinkel. These images were shot as
aircraft arrived on September 24th 1999 in San Marcos, TX for the 1999 Gathering of Memories Air Show. The 2111 belongs to the Arizona Wing of the C.A.F. and appeared in the "Battle of Britian" motion picture. The movie served to inspire me to create a 1/10th scale He-111H-6. After collecting documentation for many years, I decided that replication of a 2111, the only "flying" representative of the He-111 aircraft family, was a better proof of scale. A photo walkaround CD is available for the CASA-2111e. This aircraft was lost in an accident July 10, 2003.
These images would not have been possible if it were not for the gracious assistance of the following individuals from the Arizona, Central Texas and Mile High (Colorado) Wings of the Commemorative Air Force. Thanks guys! ! ! ! !
Col. Floyd Houdashell (pilot) (AZ)
Col. Dick Exler (
Col. Jim Lux (
Col. Bill Morton (
Col. Rob Duncan (

Until Friday, Sept. 24, 1999, I had literally chased after this aircraft for the last three years to do this shoot. In every case, mechanical problems interrupted the CASA tour and I could not meet up with the aircraft.

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