A couple of months ago, I did a test with 6 brands of paint to determine resistance to fuel. Here is how the test was done, and the results.

        Paint tested:

21st Century
Perfect Paint
Color Place (Walmart)

The test piece was a 4" x 12" piece of lite ply. It was first coated with epoxy, then cured and sanded so the paint would not soak in & affect the results. The piece was masked and each brand of paint was sprayed in a 2" x 4" block. The paint was applied in a mist coat, color coat, and then a final wet coat.

The paints were allowed to cure for 10 days.

1. The paints were exposed to 15% nitro raw fuel and wiped clean.
2. They were exposed to 15% nitro exhaust from a Y.S .61 and wiped clean.
3. They were exposed to 20% nitro raw fuel and wiped clean.
4. They were exposed to 20% nitro fuel exhaust from a Y.S. .61 and wiped clean.

The results almost fixed after the first test. The first 4 paints listed:

Lustrekote, 21st Century, Perfect Paint and Rustoleum were fuel resistant to 15%.
The Krylon and Color Place paints wiped off on the rag when initially exposed to fuel.

Further testing showed the first 4 paints would be fuel resistant in all other instances, but the Krylon and Color Place got progressively worse.

Now here are a couple of grains of salt to use  ....

The tests were done and the fuel was wiped off the test piece "almost immediately". I can't say what would happen if it were to cure for several days before being wiped, but it does appear, with reasonable care, the first four paints will resist glow fuel up to 20% without adverse affects.

Personally, I would not use Krylon or Color Place paint on the exterior where it will be exposed to glow fuel. Note that I said these paints were fuel resistant. Paint gloss was not adversely affected and paint did not come off on the rag when it was wiped.

These are just my results and by no means scientific. If you choose to use them, try a test piece of your own first with the fuel you plan to use. After all, it's your model and time, but this is the best I could do. I hope it helps someone.

Gary Williams