Why Did My Air

                       By Andrew Benjamin....... St.Mars@erols.com

The tell tale sign that a compressor tank is rusted is when you drain the condensate from the tank at the end of the day and see a large volume of rust particles suspended in the run out.

There is a drain located at the bottom of the tank that needs to be opened at the conclusion of every shooting session to let the water out.  Otherwise the condensate will stand around and rust the tank. Over time the tank wall could ultimately fail. This procedure is proper maintenance of an air tank.

Whether a 13 gal tank is adequate depends partially on your climate. In a hot and humid summer climate like we have in Virginia, a small tank would not be my choice. To keep a spray gun supplied with 35-50 psi of continuous air pressure, a compressor would have to kick on frequently. 

When it does, heat is generated which allows more water vapor to be held in suspension in the air. As air cools back down when spraying, the water vapor condenses back out again into the tank and the lines.

If the compressor must run continuously in hot humid weather, the over heated air will hold a maximum amount of water vapor and the resultant condensation can get past the usual water traps and make it's way into the paint. Condensate will also build up in the tank more rapidly.

Chances are a 13 gal tank may be fine for you needs. But keep in mind what I mention above to protect your investment in your equipment and your modeling project.

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