I. At 09:39 AM 1/28/99 -0300, Daniel Gomez wrote:

As an RC-Modeler interested into scale I found 10 years ago, a notice about a
bomber made in series (18) here in Argentina in 1936. It seems to be the only
bomber designed & constructed in series in South America yet !!! The so called
AeMB2, "Bombi" can be interesting for those who want difference things
(like me...).

There are 3 views, official letters from the manufacturer about color, and a set
of photos of different quality. Of course all are B/W, some of good quality and
others no so .... My interest is to share this information, if you are interested
please answer me this Email.

Best Regards

Daniel Gómez
Baco Sistemas Informáticos
Castellani 71, Godoy Cruz

Color information:

All the airplane was "Grey" (Font:Fuerza Aérea Argentina) and the national
roundels were light blue, white and light blue. Also the rudder was painted in
Light blue and white with a yellow sun at center.