The leading edge is made by cutting a 1/8" saw kerf in the back of the leading edge block and then tapering the block as required. Two sheeting kerfs are then cut into the edges. Cut transverse slots for the ribs and round the block to a half round shape. The hinge beams can now be located and the slots cut to allow free movement through about 30 degrees. Glue the hinge beams into the leading edge and put the top sheathing and all the ribs in place. You are going to need a solid block between two of the ribs to accommodate the operator shown in Figure 3.

To make accurate "Z" bends I drilled a 3/32" dia hole 1/8" below the top in one inside face of my vice. Bend a 1/8" leg on the end of a 1/16" or 2-56 rod using the vice and a hammer. Put the leg in the hole in the jaw face of the vice and close down on the rod. Hammer a bend in the direction opposite the first leg and remove the rod from the vice. I think you will like the result.

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