Our first task is to define the word "finishing". Finishing is a term used to describe the processes by which you make the surface of replicate that of the aircraft documentation for "your" modeling project.
Our first example of
"finishing" is the stainless steel plate located below the exhaust stacks on the North American P-51D Mustang.
Kermit Week's INA The Macon Belle
Photo courtesy of Tom Smith
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Photo courtesy of http://www.warbirds.com

North American P-51D's pictured above show the distinct shape of the stainless steel panel which is around and behind the exhaust stacks.

In the right photo, the darker panel is the courser surfaced stainless. In the left photo, you see a prototypical plate appearance. Most plates are duller and courser than the surrounding aluminum surface. Note how smoke and oil residue from the exhaust has "stained" the panel a yellow/amber color.

To replicate a prototypical stained panel, follow these directions:
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