Kirk Sonnier's                 
Top Flite P-47   

This is my 60 size Top Flite kit.  I fiber glassed all surfaces with 3/4 oz cloth and West Marine
epoxy resin. Per the Flite-Metal instructions panel lines were drawn onto the surface then I
began applying Flite Metal. After covering, I used the provided Scotch Brite pad to give the aluminum panels a different grain effect.

Rivets were applied using a Top Flite warbird template and an appropriate size brass tube. Testor's Model Master paint was airbrushed on. The surface was wet sanded with 600 grit sand paper. A gray wash was sprayed over the entire model, then wet sanded again with 600 grit to give it a worn, used look. Top Flite Lusterkote flat clear was used for fuel proofing the Testor's Model Master paint. At the time of this writing, the model has seven flights. My next project is a Yellow P-47. I am using the same techniques to finish it.
(click here to view the Yellow P-47)

Kirk Sonnier
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