Making Your Own Hatches & Doors Page 6
3. Lay one (1) fiber glass cloth square directly above the paper template which can be clearly seen through the Suran Wrap. Place one (1) epoxy drop, about the size of a quarter, directly in the middle of the fiber glass cloth square centered on the white paper template. Use a second (2nd) piece of Suran Wrap as a burnishing/spreading tool placed on top of epoxy drop, to gently spread the resin into cloth. Care should be taken being sure to not disturb the symmetry of the fiber glass cloth. Remember
it is fiber glass cloth which provides the strength to the part you are making
...not the resin. Continue to spread the epoxy into the weave until you are satisfied an even...smooth surface has been obtained.

Place a second square of fiber glass cloth on top of the first, and an epoxy drop, slightly smaller than first, into the center of the fiber glass square. Work the resin into the second (2nd) layer of cloth, taking care not to disturb first layer, or separate weave of either layer. When satisfied you have an even saturation of the cloth, place a paper towel across this cloth /
resin sandwich, pressing down, absorbing excess epoxy. Continue to absorb excess epoxy until the weave of the top layer of cloth just begins to show.
! Let initial layers of resin and cloth completely cure...that's no less than 24 hours at 70 degree ambient temperature.


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