Making Your Own Hatches & Doors Page 3

Looking at my (3) three view drawing notice that there are two speed brakes located
the two vertical fins on the SU-27. On line drawing they are black...on the inset
view they are
red. These two speed brakes are the items I am going to create using this

Enlarging this three view section to exact size of your model aircraft, enables you to
create templates which are easily cut & placed
onto surface of the SU-27's fuselage as a
guide. Position the templates
precisely where you desire to form the hatch, door or

1. Adhere templates to aircraft surface by rolling (2) two inch piece of masking tape
onto itself so adhesive is exposed so as to be used as a removable place holder for the
template. The template should
lay flat against the aircraft surface, allowing "contours"
to appear just as they occur normally. Repeat this process until every hatch, door or
panel template is replicated in this white paper templet scheme.


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