Grumman F6F Hellcat
CAD plans are being developed for a 1:4.5 scale Hellcat.
Wingspan will be 90, length 67.5, power: 3.7 cu. in. up.

Grumman F8F Bearcat
CAD plans are being developed for a 1/5 scale Bearcat.
Wingspan will be 86, length 67, power 3.7 cu. in. up.

Percival Provost T1
CAD plans are being developed for a 1/5 scale Provost T1. The T1 was a propeller
driven two-place, trainer with fixed gear used by Great Britain during the 50s and 60.
Wingspan is 84.5, length 70, power Moki 2.10 or equal.

LOCKHEED Model 14, HUDSON, Model 18, and VENTURA
Work is underway to produce plans for each of these Lockheed Twins. The first challenge
was to develop accurate 3-VU drawings. That process is complete. The first plan made
available will be a 1/8 scale 98 wingspan Model 18 for electric power. Next will be a
131" wingspan 1/6th scale Hudson.

hudson.gif (18001 bytes)
Lockheed Hudson
Ventura B.II 3-angle view
Lockheed Ventura
loadstar.gif (18866 bytes)
Lockheed Lodestar