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Receiver and Servos:

( ) Is receiver securely mounted and isolated from vibration? Should also be placed into a plastic bag to keep fluids out of receiver (fuel).

( ) Are all servo tray screws snug against the grommets, not crushed.
( ) Are all servo arms and wheels secured with a screw to the servo drive shaft?
( ) Are push rods securely firmly secured to servo arms. If ball links are used are they
    peened on or was a drop of CA placed onto the threads to secure nut.
( ) Are servo arms adequate in thinkness and material? Giant scale needs strong ones!
( ) Are the servo rails secured to the fuselage? Are they made from spruce, or plywood?
( ) Is the power switch in the aircraft mounted so it can not be accidentally turned off? It is
    suggested that if you use a rod connected to an internally mounted switch, you mount
    the switch where "in" is "on".
( ) Are all connections secure? Did you use "twist ties' to lock servo plugs together?
( ) Is antenna in good condition w/o cuts, breaks and frayed wire exposed? Never, ever tie
    a knot in the end of the antenna to affix to the fuselage or vertical fin.
( ) Was a grommet or fuel tubing used to line the exit hole in fuselage for antenna wire?
    Never fold excess length of antenna wire back on itself. If long and trails behind the airplane,
    you should run antenna through a control horn hole to secure it from loosely flying about
    behind plane.   

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