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Start Engine and perform the following checks:

( ) While engine is running at full throttle, hold the nose of the plane so that it points straight up for at least 5 seconds...or longer. Then holde the nose down for the same period of time. the engine should keep running in all positions.

Caution: always point exhaust away from everyone and everything. If engine stops, try richening the fuel mixture, it may be too lean. if that doesn't solve problem, do an inspection of the fuel line and fittings for a leak.

( ) Does engine quit running at low throttle trim? This is a safety requirement!!!!
( ) Does engine have a reliable idle? Does engine hesitate when quickly throttled up? This usually means the setting is incorrect. When pinched off at idle, the engine should speed up after two to four seconds, then stop. If it quits immediately as you pinch off the fuel line, the setting is too lean. If it continues to run on and on, it is too rich.
( ) Perform a vibration range check with the engine running at all speeds. If range decreases significantly, some part of your mechanical systems may be mounted too rigidly. The receiver may be mounted too firmly in the fuselage. Loose engine mounts, and mounting screws will contribute to radio failure by the vibration they create. Vibration must be kept to an absolute minimum!