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CASA 2111E / He-111-H6

Yourname: Ed Clayman
CityStateCountry: Houston Texas USA
NumberImages: 180
Price: $25


CASA 2111e insrument panel
Two's Better Than One

Rt. Hatch Flipped

Rt. Nacelle Cuff/Fillet

Rt. Stab & Hinges

Spanish Dictator General Franco's personal 2111E. Inside & out walkaround shot while airframe was in aged RLM splinter
scheme prior to conversion to desert tan during '02 overhaul. To order send an email to: .

This 2111.E & its sister ship under restoration in Ft. Worth were in the Battle Of Britian movie. Airframe features side door
and toilet differential from He-111-H6's. Cockpit instrument panel illustration and photos included. Vertical bomb rack plus
photo and illustrated MG-15 docs included. More photos found on cover of index.

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