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DH-6 DeHavilland Twin Otter S/N 186

Yourname: Ed Clayman
CityStateCountry: Houston Texas USA
NumberImages: 196
Price: $25
Imagewidth: 640


Dh6 Left Profile

DH6 Flap& Aileron Trim

DH6 Rudder Pull-Pull

DH6 #186 Rt. Midway

Houston Jump School's DH-6 #186 shot at Sugar Land Airport, Sugar Land, TX. Complete walkaround with in depth coverage of literally every dirty aspect from multiple linked aileron/flap system to clear plexi-glass jump door base and mechanism.

Majority of images are close up so I set at 640 pixel width. Excellent docs for those who love dirty turbo neglect :^) Portion of these are shown in's Photo Focus in reduced size and quality. To order send an email to:

Last changed: December 13, 2007

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