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B-25J  "Old Glory"

Yourname: Ed Clayman
CityStateCountry: Houston Texas USA
NumberImages: 42
Price: $15
Imagewidth: 640 & 1200


B-25J "Old Glory" travels across the U.S. selling thirty minute flights for $250 per passenger. You should not pass up an opportunity for a ride if it lands near you. Between flights, I was able to have access to shoot this walkaround.

Naturally, its polished aluminum...what its not Flite-Metal but almost as good:^) This walkaround gets close and personal to focus on areas of the airframe not normally documented.

A B-25's panels are overlapped, except on engine nacelles. Fit & finish of fillets, cuffs, access hatches and armor is documented in close-ups. The 640 & 1200 pixel wide images were chosen because most of images are close-ups. To order send an email to: .

Last changed: December 13, 2007

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