There are two exceptional polishing and conditioning products/systems available. They are listed in their respective order of efficiency.
3M Aluminum Polishing System (Available at automotive and paint supply stores)
3M Corporation
St. Paul, MN

Exceptional system for both polishing and reducing the surface maintenance of any polished aluminum surface in that it contains a retardant to inhibit tarnish and oxidation. Terry Nitsch's F-100 was polished with this product. The 3M Aluminum Polishing System produces a superior realistic finish with a patina
found on full scale surfaces when polished. To preserve the finish Terry Nitsch used the polishing and cleaning cloths below.
  The Wax Shop
Liquid Metal Polish
P.O. Box  10226
Bakersfield, CA
93289 - 0226

Pumice suspended in carnauba oil. Application with a soft cotton cloth will produce excellent results within five minutes of initial application. Wipe clean with alcohol or PrepSol to remove black residue from the polishing process. When finished clean with a Flite-Metal Polish for best results.
Flite-Metal Polishing Cloths
We now carrying a fabulous cleaning/polishing cloth which permits easy finger print removal and cleaning of all Flite-Metal surfaces.

A little goes a long way...The self sealing pouch keeps two polishing cloths ready for use in your flight box. When you're ready to show off your "Look Of The Real Thing" your only a few wipes away from that perfect look at the next contest. Available on our online order form.

Terry Nitsch's F-100 was cleaned with this and it required only wiping of dust from the airframe after spending all winter in Terry's Columbus, Ohio basement before going to '05 Top Gun in Lake Land, FL. The F-100 D did not tarnish! Finger prints are removed with minimum effort with a dab on them then wiping with a soft cloth.