Richard McFarland's   
P-47 Canvas

This is not a Top-Flite giant scale P-47. Though it began as an out of the box Top-Flite kit, it turned into a virtual canvas of how to convert a P-47 kit into a "replica" of a natural finished Republic P-47. Richard posted his P-47 project as an online "How-To" within RCU. My words can not do justice to Richard and Rebel's skills.
 Hi...My Name Is Rebel...I'll Spill The Beans If You Click Me ;^)  
The  late "Great" Rebel  
Rebel left his mark on Flite-Metal as no other has. He is remembered for his patience in guiding Richard to faithfully replicate a P-47. Rebel and Richard present their method, step by step, in digital images taken during covering, finishing, and flight. Thanks go to Richard and Rebel for their artistry in achieving "The Look Of the Real Thing".

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