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This section of Scale Aero is a result of compiling the centergy of NASA (AMA Scale SIG) and U.S. Scale Masters into a one stop resource serving two of the three competitive flying scale protocols in the U. S. Top Gun is the third protocol. This has been created to serve the continuing education processes of NASA (AMA) and U. S. Scale Masters.

AMA's Scale Contest Board receives proposals for definition & process change from its "competitors". Every proposal must be specific to an indexed guideline to permit focus on the precise change as it effects the subject and paragraphs in which the subject is referenced and integrated within a "historical" perspective.

Electro-mechanical technology constantly advances across all elements of competitive flying scale modeling. Cause & effect of technology and process change requires proposals be weighed against participants mean skill sets and other considerations.

Change is not simply grandfathered to existing guidelines by NAA's chosen official representative to the international competitive scale organization, FAI and its CIAM. The AMA is a governing body and official USA representative to the FAI CIAM. 

The AMA's Competition Guidelines is the basis for all competitive flying scale modeling conducted within the U.S.A. A number of variance exist within two of the three competitive scale flying tiers conducting scale contests within the U.S.A. Each group has its own set of participant guidelines or "rules" participants in events conducted by each group. 

USSMA judge certification and piloting education is a work in process. As challenges arrive, USSMA may review and make a decision on how its participants and judges are to incorporate issues to the benefit of its association. This web section of Scale Aero was created to provide access to resource tools for scale  judges and pilots of all organizations conducting scale contests and qualifiers in the U.S.A.

Before proceeding further, please read preface which explains concept and origins of the data utilized to compile this resource tool.

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