Wendy Continues...STEP 2: Template Guide Marks

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Remove all templates from fuselage.  Remember, always work from back to front when creating all panels. Begin with the templates on the bottom of the fuselage. Locate the furthest panel at the rear of your fuselage. Identify sides of template that meet vertical fuselage side. Remove template and place it on a flat surface. Using a steel scale place 1/8 inch marks along entire length of both sides.


The spacing between these marks is very important since it will aid in creating a consistent swirled pattern. I used an old handheld electric eraser to make my burl swirls. The eraser I used for my burl swirl measured inch diameter so my guide marks were half that (1/8 of an inch) to allow for 50% overlap swirl to swirl. Do the same for your fuselage side templates. This will allow swirl pattern to flow from the bottom up.