Wendy Continues...STEP 6: Generating your Burl Swirl Pattern  

Lay panel down on a clear flat working surface...aluminum side facing up. Lay paper template with 1/8 inch guide marks facing up onto panel making sure all edges align and are flush. Slide template back from an edge of Flite-Metal panel 1/16 of an inch and transfer guide marks onto . With a sharp pencil place point onto surface of covered panel at each guide mark and give it a twist between your thumb and index finger with minimum pressure. A dimple will be formed on the aluminum surface.
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This will not only provide parallel guide marks on the metal panel, it also makes scale looking rivets. Using a steel or aluminum ruler/scale, lay it across metal panel along first row of 1/8" guide marks. 

Kohinoor Electric Eraser

Product Image

Product Image

Office Depot

Above are three images of hand held electric erasers. The price of these range from $40 to $100 and can be found at Office Depot stores. An elongated eraser is inserted into the barrel of the device. It is little more than a lower rpm electric motor with a hand grip. Pressing the trigger or switch on side of the barrel will start the rotation of the eraser material. Eraser material has a flat end which is placed onto the 1/8th inch guide mark. Abrasion of eraser against surface creates burl-swirl.

Starting at the back corner of your metal panel, turn on the electric machine eraser.  Keep your hand as level as possible gently touch the
panel.  Carefully place your swirl marks at consistent 1/8 inch increments across your entire panel just by touching the eraser to the panel.  After about 2 rows you will need to clean your eraser by letting it spin clean on a manila folder (this just takes a couple of seconds).  Continue this process on all your fuselage panels until complete.

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