Wendy Continues...STEP 8: Covering The Cockpit Area.

Covering the cockpit area is performed in the same manner as the fuselage. You will however be working across curved areas of the fuselage. When creating templates you can use a flexible tape measure to size the panels. Do not forget to add extra to each measurement for final sizing.

Be careful in placement of 1/8 inch guide marks across the curved fuselage sections. You should not place guide marks straight across the panel. Marks need to be angled as shown in this series of photos. This will permit burl swirls to go straight up and over following the same angle coming up from the fuselage. Another thought is burls are applied on the full scale when metal is laying flat on a work surface, and you should not necessarily worry about misalignments. But its prettier if it all lines up perfectly ;^) Enjoy application of your burl swirls!    Wendy Chubb's....Taube

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