(2). Flight, that half of a contest score earned with the pilot’s skill to replicate flight maneuvers performed by the full size aircraft they chose to model.

There are nine maneuvers to each flight round. Minimum number of flight rounds at a scale contest is three.

Pilot practices flight plan many times before performing it at a scale contest. Often a flight routine is thought of as a mission. Pilot’s presentation skills during flight rounds can contribute to a higher round score.

Judges view each maneuver, determining if it is correct compared to description in the AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics Competition or USSMA Guidelines*.

Regulations recommend downgrade values for failing to adhere to specific aspects of each maneuver. The scale judges are selected for their ability to interpret the pilot's nine maneuvers in a fair and impartial manner.

Judging flight routines is less subject to opinion & bias than static judging because maneuvers are defined in the Competition Regulations* in a clear manner. 

All lined up and ready to compete. There may be as many as (4) four flight lines (stations) active at one time. That is (4) four planes in the air at one time competing before (4)four pair of judges.

1.Take Off
Model stands still with motor running without being held then take-off into wind. Take-off should be straight & model should accelerate to a realistic speed, then lift gently at prototypical angle. If model is touched after pilot says "Now" score is zero.   

2. Straight Flight Out
Model aircraft should make a straight and level flight of at least 100 meters length centered on the judges’ position. 

3. Chandelle
From straight & level flight model passes judges & performs 180 deg climbing turn away from judges, resuming straight & level flight on opposite heading.


4. Split “S”
From straight, level flight, model performs half roll & when inverted performs half inside loop to resume straight & level flight on path opposite entry. Model throttle(s) should be closed at inverted position, & opened when normal flight resumes.
5. Cuban “8

Model pulls into circular inside loop until 45° nose down. Hold inverted flight until a half roll when abreast judges, 45° upright is held until entry height is achieved when a like circular inside loop is flown to repeat maneuver in the opposite direction. Straight & level recovery is at same height as entry. Model throttle may close at top of each loop. Prototypical shallow dive is permitted.

6. Figure “8”
Model approaches in straight & level flight on line parallel with judges’ line, & then a 1/4 circle turn is made in a direction away from judges’ line. Followed by a 360-degree turn in the opposite direction, followed by a 270-degree turn in the first direction, completing the maneuver on original approach line.