Turbines and ducted fan jet aircraft have used on fuselage and flying surfaces. Typically these aircraft are seen with the receiver antenna enclosed within a fuselage or they use an external whip antenna. No radio signal reception problems have ever been reported to us.

Customers have reported collapsed transmitter antenna range test results typically increase in
covered planes. Many customers use an external whip antenna. The Hayes narrow band whip antenna has been reported to work well.

no problems have been reported...we assume nothing about the condition of a customer's radio system, quality of model construction, model's airworthiness, or ability of a customer to properly operate a model either covered or not covered in

These variables are out of
BuyAero.com's control. Aluminum can impede a radio control signal if an antenna is kept inside of a model. Avoid this and other related issues by using a receiver antenna in good condition and in a manner prescribed by the manufacturer of your radio system.

Aero.com does not assume responsibility or liability for either appropriate or inappropriate and improper use of products it sells. Customers must determine for themselves whether
is or is not proper for their intended use. Customer tried, tested, and proven use and application directions accompany all  packaging.

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