Dean Monticelli's Ziroli P-47  
Dean Monticelli did an excellent job covering and finishing his 70" Ziroli P-47 with Flite-Metal. Power is a Saito 1.80 4 Stroke. Prop is an 18x6 Zinger. Ready to fly weight is 17lbs. Robart retracts. Flite-Metal was aged and weathered with Testor's Model Master paint clear coated with Top Flite Lustercoat Flat Clear. An Ultra Precision valve system controls the retracts and gear doors. A custom retractable tail wheel was constructed from Brian Taylor plans covered with Flite-Metal aluminum.
P-47FMrtleg2.jpg (100009 bytes) P-47rtf2FM2.jpg (84966 bytes) P-47FMcwl2.jpg (115469 bytes) P-47FMtail2.jpg (48013 bytes)

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