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Landing Gear

( ) Is landing gear firmly attached to airframe or wing?
( ) Are wheel collars secure? Flats filed into music wire prevents slippage.
    Mount so set screws are at the 6 oclock position.
( ) Main gear should have a slight amount of toe in. This is especially true for
    conventional (tail dragger) gear.
( ) Are the wheels aligned with the wing?
( ) Is the landing gear in their proper location fore and aft?
( ) On tricycle gear, does plane rest level or preferably with a slight nose down or rake?
( ) Is stance too narrow? ( Distance between gear legs)

Pushrods or Cables

( ) Are all clevises in good shape?
( ) Can they be pulled free from the threaded end?
( ) Does each clevis have a keeper?
( ) Are pushrods and clevises of adequate size and strength to prevent flex?
( ) Are pushrods supported?
( ) Are cables multi-strand and without slack?
( ) Are there any "z" bends in pushrod wire where it exits airframe? This condition induces flexing of control surfaces. There should be a straight shot from control  horn to servo, unless cabling is utilized.
( ) Do cables have a guide around pulley?
( ) Are cable ends properly swagged?
( ) Do turnbuckles have safety wire?

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