Wendy Begins...STEP 1:  Fuselage Templates

My first step was to create a template for each panel using manila file folder paper. This paper is pliable enough to go around curves. The fuselage panels were straight forward since the Taube fuselage is nearly flat on the sides and the bottom.

Starting on the bottom of fuselage I measured the height and width of each panel using steel scale and then I added 1/8 inch in both directions to allow for trimming. Once the panel is cut to the final size I taped it to my fuselage. I continued creating the rest of my panels for the entire bottom (each panel should overlap the previous one 1/16th inch). As panels were created I marked them sequentially 1, 2, 3...to keep panels in order when applied to fuselage.

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The side panels of the fuselage were created using the same technique. Be sure to start at back of the fuselage and overlap each panel 1/16th inch as you move towards front. Side panels were not the same width as they progressed from back to the front. I made sure to duplicate the panel sizes on each side. The Taube fuselage has an upward sloping front. Instead of measuring with the steel scale, I laid a piece of manila file folder on the front of fuselage and traced the sloping outline onto back of my template with a pencil.

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Trim to fit and tape to fuselage. Once all of templates are fitted to your satisfaction and taped onto the fuselage take a few minutes to admire your handy work.

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Note: I didn't create a panel for front of fuselage. However I sealed balsa with epoxy and applied it to the balsa nose of the Taube. When cured I applied Flite-Metal directly to the harden balsa. (Allow a 1/8 inch overlap on sides and bottom of the each panel).