Flite-Metal F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Q: Aluminum duct tape...isn't it all the same?
A: Check Flite-Metal's specifications for thickness and stretch percentages. Users of other brands of adhesive backed aluminum foil agree, Flite-Metal is easier to apply and a more controllable stretch up to 25% of area mass. This permits ease in burnishing curves.

Q: Can Flite-Metal be applied to an ARF or ARC model?
A: Following removal of an ARF's typical plastic shrink film and surface preparation equal to that of a built up structure, yes, Flite-Metal can be applied. There are many ARF and ARC customer photos viewed in the customer section of this web site.
Q: Burl/Swirl Finishes...How do I create a machined swirl/burl finish with Flite-Metal?
Q: Does a Flite-Metal airplane have to stay under an umbrella to prevent adhesive bubbles?
Q: Will plastic burnishing tools from a craft store work to apply Flite-Metal?
A: They have molded-in seam lines that easily mar Flite-Metal.
D Q: How do I remove a dent in Flite-Metal?
A: The Flite-Metal fibrous and hard burnishing tool and finishing pad.
E Q: What is the elongation % of Flite-Metal?
A: Up to an additional 25% of the panel surface area.
Q: How hot can Flite-Metal get and remain adhered to a model?
A: 220 degrees F... :^)
Q: Will exposure to heat of direct sunlight cause bubbles to appear under Flite-Metal?
Q: What hobby knife blade is best for cutting Flite-Metal?
A: Xacto 10, 22, 23, 25...
Lightweight Utility BladeRemember..."pull" blade heel to toe along the taped perimeter to cleanly cut waste aluminum.
Q: How do I show an oily residue on Flite-Metal? 
A: Any dirty clear paint, tea, tobacco stain, water based paints.
Q: What primer is appropriate for painting Flite-Metal.
A: When primer is required Duplicolor's self-etching primer is an inexpensive $6.95 USD solution
.Dupli-Color DAP1690 - Dupli-Color Self-Etching Primer
Q: How do I polish Flite-Metal to a mirror finish?
A: Polish with any aluminum polish... The best is here: Click Here
Q: Can I use PPG DX330 surface prep before covering with Flite-Metal?
Q: Can I paint Flite-Metal when my model is covered?
A: Yes, automotive crystal clear coat or epoxy paint works great. Using an etching primer permits use of virtually any type paint.
Q: Can Flite-Metal panels be replaced or repaired if damaged?
A: Yes, simply heat panel with heat gun, peel off and replace.
Q: Does Flite-Metal cause radio interference?
A1: Following radio manufacturer's directions for antenna placement, no interference has been reported.
A2: Flite-Metal covered turbine jets are currently being flown with 2.4 gig Spread Spectrum
      radio systems. More Details
Q: How do I replicate a machined step and repeat (swirl-machined) finish on Flite Metal?
Q: How do I stain Flite-Metal?
A: Any dirty clear paint, tea, tobacco stain, water based paints.
Q: Will felt marker ink prevent Flite-Metal adhesive from sticking to my model?
A: Non-oil markers will not effect adhesive.
Q: How do I tint or stain Flite-Metal?
A: Any dirty clear paint, tea, tobacco stain, water based paints.
Q: Will water effect the adhesive of Flite-Metal?
A: No as long as the adhesive has cured prior to being wet.